The Challenge

The rapid development of AI technologies presents both opportunities and challenges for female entrepreneurs and VET teachers. The prevailing opinion today is that being proficient in understanding and using AI technologies is crucial in the digital era. Due to restrictive behaviors, there is currently a lack of awareness among female entrepreneurs and VET teachers regarding how AI tools can drive innovation and competitiveness. This threatens to widen existing gaps if there is no reaction.

Therefore, there is an urgent need to empower them with the necessary digital knowledge and skills to harness AI’s potential. Doing so we will equip them to succeed and close gender divides in the modern, technology-driven economy.

The Aim

We aim to empower women entrepreneurs, especially those from female dominated sectors, and VET teachers, by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to effectively utilize and integrate AI into their companies and curriculums. We target those in female-dominated vocations and industries as they are usually not as aware of AI and the benefits it can provide as those working in STEM fields. We also focus on fostering a deeper understanding of AI technologies and their strategic application to enhance innovation, competitiveness, and digital readiness within female entrepreneurs.

The Objectives

EmpowerAI pursues several key objectives: