Building the EmpowerAI Compendium: A Digital Database for Women Entrepreneurs

The EmpowerAI project acknowledges the game-changing role of AI in empowering female entrepreneurs to bolster their business endeavors. Spearheaded by five entities spanning Ireland, Finland, Greece, Italy, and Spain, this project aims to harness AI’s potential for women’s economic empowerment.

At the heart of this endeavor lies the EmpowerAI Compendium, a digital database of AI tools poised to become an invaluable resource for women entrepreneurs and VET teachers. To populate this compendium with rich content, partners will embark on a comprehensive research journey to unearth existing case studies and distill best practices relevant to nurturing startups and scaling businesses.

The case study mapping process unfolds in three distinct phases:

  • Online Questionnaire: An online survey will be crafted, targeting both AI-utilizing and non-utilizing female entrepreneurs, alongside experts in entrepreneurship and AI technologies. This survey aims to capture insights into AI technology adoption.
  • National Field Research: Project partners will undertake field research at the national level, distributing the questionnaire to female entrepreneurs and experts.
  • Personal Interviews: Following data evaluation, a minimum of two entrepreneurs per country will be selected for in-depth interviews. Structured questionnaires will guide these interviews, aiming to extract exemplary case studies for inclusion in the EmpowerAI Compendium.

Concurrently, the hunt for best practices unfolds across two stages:

  • Desk Research: Each partner will conduct desk research within their respective countries to identify instances of female entrepreneurship effectively integrating AI tools into their operations.
  • Interviews and Analysis: Two standout cases from each partner will undergo structured interviews, providing deeper insights. These findings will enrich the EmpowerAI Compendium as best practices. Additionally, video content featuring these interviews will be produced for inclusion in the digital database.

The EmpowerAI Compendium will serve as a repository of wisdom and expertise, showcasing how female entrepreneurs have harnessed AI’s power. It aspires to be a guiding light for women on their journey to professional growth and success, unlocking new horizons and empowerment avenues in the digital landscape.

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